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Pool8 & TrickShot 3d Mobile Game

If you think of a typical mobile pool simulator, you will likely recall a plain 2D game with oversimplified physics and poor storytelling, if any at all. Best Sport Games decided to revamp the genre by creating a colorful 3D application offering unparalleled user experience. 


Argentics was chosen to build the game from scratch. The challenge was to combine new features with ‘classic’ mechanics of the genre. Our eventual idea was to visualize luxurity and posh of pool halls and  neon lights of casinos in a smooth cartoonish style. A great deal was paid to soundtracks and realistic physics – acceleration, moment of inertia, friction, momentum – all to ensure next level game experience. 


We developed a state-of-art mobile application with 120+ locations spread around a marvelous city with over 350 buildings and more of other elements to convey the atmosphere of night life. This was truly one of the most beautiful projects that our team has ever created.